‘Telles’ knows how big the burden on Manchester United

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Manchester United full-back Alex Telles insists he has passion and pride every time he plays for the club.

The 28-year-old left-back was drawn from Manchester United. Torto last season for around £15million is believed to be a key player in Luke Shaw’s replacement, however Telles has emerged as a secondary choice when Shaw does.

The work was outstanding when it received overwhelming admiration.

After recovering from injury, Telles said: “Passion for football and playing is very important to me. Go down and do your best during the game.”

“We know how difficult each match can be. And we can feel the energy from the fans. This passion is passed around the stadium to help us when they celebrate something in play.

“I think it connects us to the fans and the stadium. It’s definitely a key factor in winning the game.”

When asked whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the staff Has passed on the importance of playing for the club to the players or not. Telles replied, “Of course,”

“It’s really important. To know that our staff is aware and experienced with the club. and then pass it on to us.”

“We know that How important is it to represent Manchester United

? They passed it on to us. So that we go out and do our best every day.”