Porchettino accepts Ramos now is not like the year. 2014

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Mauricio Porchettino, manager of Paris Saint-Germain admit that the team like Sergio Ramos is not in a great condition like many years ago And he needs to throttle himself to get back to that point.

The 35-year-old, who joined PSG from Real Madrid on a free transfer after his contract with his former club expired in the summer, has been

plagued by injuries. The Spanish national team has not made a debut with the agency at all. Although they have played 12 games in all competitions this season.

Porchettino admits Ramos is not the same person he was in 2014, who led the Real Madrid to the Champions League trophies, and that he needs to perform well in order to succeed.

“Maybe the reality of Sergio Ramos is different from 2014, as was the case with (Leonel) Messi and Neymar.”Movistar

“These players are great champions. But they also had to get used to reality. We all realized that they used to be top players. But they had to return to the top level of their own, “said

” If they go back to the point. Of course we can do whatever we want. But the fight starts from finding the best form of each person. This orchestra needs to be tuned.”

Ramos is expected to make his debut with the agency soon. After returning to practice with his teammates