Jonjo wants to drink beer to celebrate with fans after Saudi takeover

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Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey admits he is “excited” to the point of wanting to drink beer to celebrate with the fans after the Saudi capital group Take over the club Last week,

the followers of “Thun Army” came to celebrate in full outside St James’ Park after it was confirmed. Saudi Arabian Capital Group (PIF) invested 305 million pounds on the acquisition from Mike Ashley

Shelvey, saying: “The atmosphere off the pitch is unbelievable. I wanted to drive straight and go out and have a beer to celebrate.”

Jonjo Shelvey was, like Newcastle’s supporters, anxiously watching the television news last Thursday as he wondered whether the club’s Saudi-led takeover was finally going to happen.

“The reaction at the stadium was amazing, the fans were in a lot of pain in the past. So I think we’ve seen a release of dissatisfaction. and relief at last This contract was made.”

“Credit to the fans. because they helped push this deal through. It allows us all to look forward.”

“I went to the Newcastle Blue Stars game on Friday night. My teammates are goals. There were about 1,000 football fans, and there were also young men wearing Arab costumes. I could not believe my eyes, “

” I need to come out at halftime because the game does not end. but it’s really crazy They are very happy together.”