Carvalhal pointed out that “Diaz” Tokor is suitable for the swans

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Braga manager Carlos Carvalhal is confident that Liverpool’s red wing Luis Diaz will become one of the new stars in the Premier League

Last winter, Liverpool signed Diaz from Porto for a combined fee of around €60 million

, and the Colombia international has been contracted at Anfield until 2027.Ffor around £90,000 a year. This week, ufabet according to reports.

Braga manager Carvalhal is currently fourth in the Portuguese league. And the former Swansea City manager said of Diaz’s move: “He will be one of the Premier League’s top stars next season.

He’s a great player.”

Carvalhal also believes Diaz fits the style of Liverpool. “We know how Liverpool play. Just like you already know your shoe number is number 8, then look at the shoe and immediately know it’s your exact number. That’s Diaz with Liverpool.

The Colombian international has been brought in to help bolster. The competition amongst Jurgen Klopp’s squad just like Diogo Jota has in recent seasons.

“He’s fluent, quick, strong, creative and very good at one-on-one,” he said.

This season, Diaz has scored 14 goals, five assists and 18 appearances. League games help Porto take the lead. He will wear the number 23 shirt to play for Liverpool.