Bayern Munich prepared a plan to grab “Halland” after “Lewand”

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Bayern Munich are considering the possibility of signing Erling Halland following the possibility of Robert Lewand. Kovski will leave the team next year.

Earlier, the media reported that the 33-year-old has begun to change his stance following issues that the team have yet to offer him a new contract until 2023. As well as showing signs of a grab. The club’s Halland.

as well as playing with his team-mates on the pitch that he sees as not being supported enough. 

After losing his 19th straight shot in a game against Greuther Furth at the end of last month, Lewandowski became so upset that Julian Nagelsmann was stunned. 

The team’s manager must come in and talk.

After that, he began to change his behavior until it was noticed by his teammates and coaching staff. 

He also did not attend a meeting with team-mates scheduled by Manuel Neuer the following day.

Most recently reports from a board meeting discussing the Lewandovs case. Ki will decide to leave the team after this season. 

And began to talk about the possibility of grabbing Haaland to join the team as a representative.

The cost of bringing a player to the starting team has been discussed. But the release clause is €75 million and wages of at least €30 million per year. And commission agent of the Rio Minho hunt amount of 30-40 million euros, including money forfeited a number of al Wolfsburg-based reggae Lund’s father, an

addition to the Bild. Have tried to contact the club to inquire about whether they are considering grabbing Haaland to join the team, but Bayern refused to answer.