Bayern Munich are spending hoping to knock ‘Dragusin’

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Fabrizio Romano, famous transfer news reporter, revealed that Bayern Munich offered a huge salary to entice Radu Dragusin , a defender from Genoa, to join the team. Even though they had news of an agreement with Tottenham Hotspur earlier,

Tottenham looked like they could close the deal to grab Dragusin to join the team yesterday. After it was revealed that they were able to successfully agree on a fee with Genoa, they will send Jed Spence to join the team on a loan contract.

All that remains is for Dragusin to fly to North London and complete his transfer. But last night things took a turn, with Bayern Munich making an offer to sign him.

Bayern’s late bid has opened up negotiations and decisive hours now lie ahead for the transfer.

Both clubs are making their maximum effort to sign the 21-year-old, with a centre-back signing a priority in the January transfer window for Spurs.

Genoa are reportedly ready to accept offers from both Bayern and Tottenham now. So it is up to the player to decide which club he wants to sign for,

with Romano revealing that Dragusin will make his ‘final decision’ today

. Awarded a significant salary contract to Radu Dragusin last night. Just like that, their own project was presented to the Romanian defender.

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Dragusin will make another decision today (Wednesday) while Spurs’ offer is still being considered.”